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I have been training with Justin for 3 & ½ years now.  It has been a great journey and I am in better shape now then I probably have ever been in my life.  Working out in a gym or with weights had never been a part of my life and in fact I knew nothing at all about it as I told Justin the first time I walked into 24 hour fitness.   He did a great job of taking this “rookie” and teaching me the ropes about fitness and how to do it safely and how it improves quality of life especially as we age.  When I first started training with Justin, I had severe stenosis in my neck and after a few months I was pain free which didn’t happen through the many sessions I had with Physical Therapists beforehand. 

Justin’s greatest strengths are his reliability, flexibility and commitment to customizing my workouts to improve my overall health and focus on any immediate issues I may be having.  I was so impressed and appreciative of how quickly he was able to move to mobile training after the pandemic hit as I didn’t want to lose what we started.  In fact, I am now running over 4 miles twice a week in addition to training with Justin twice a week.   With my highly stressful Software career, I have found training to be stress release and really has improved my overall work productivity.  Justin has really inspired me about staying fit and I have really enjoyed his friendship and it has helped me through these crazy Pandemic times.


I have been fortunate to train with Justin for the past 6 years. I started working with him while he was at 24Hour Fitness and followed him when he left. Justin distinguishes himself from other trainers I have worked with over the years by focusing on my particular goals and issues. He pays attention to areas of pain or discomfort and works with me to modify our approach and focus on those pain areas. As someone with arthritis, I have ongoing joint pain. He combines strength training with flexibility work and that makes a difference in managing my discomfort. I suffered from severe heel pain for a number of years and he developed a routine for me to do at home that has resulted in elimination of that chronic pain! He created a safe training environment during the pandemic that allowed me to continue to train. He is funny, warm, attentive, and completely reliable. I know I am lucky to have him in my corner. The longevity of his client base speaks volumes.

Thank you Justin! 



I've been training with Justin for over 5 years. Adaptability and flexibility are two qualities Justin brings to our personal training sessions. I have physical limitations that require exercises to be adapted. I’m not made aware that the exercise was adapted to meet my needs, but when I see a similar exercise and ask, the adaptation is explained. I’m clumsy and sometimes will come to a personal training session after an injury requiring Justin to be flexible and alter what was planned to adjust for whatever injury I have at the time. 

Because of Justin’s individualized approach, I feel that my workouts are specifically planned for me. We’ve worked on strength and flexibility. My most important goal is weight loss. While I still have a long way to go, I have made more forward progress while working with Justin than through any other avenue attempted.





I’ve trained for three years with Justin, which seems like a miracle since I’ve avoided strength training for most of my life.  It just seemed too hard, repetitive, and somewhat boring.  But everything I’ve read about women’s health, particularly for us in the older crowd, puts a big emphasis on strength training as a vital part of a healthy life. Additionally, when I started with Justin, I was feeling particularly vulnerable as a new widow who had to manage a household on my own, doing things that often required upper body strength.  I could do leg lifts all day long and loved step aerobics, but I couldn’t carry much more than a gallon of milk.  Now, I have much more strength, self-confidence, and, best of all, my underarms don’t flap around like so many other older women.  I’ve also improved  my posture as I’ve worked on tightening my core and strengthening my back and shoulder muscles.  Needless to say, folks my age (late 60s) have lots of aches and pains – Justin is very good at work-arounds and helping to minimize them.  Another good thing, Justin is a pleasure to work with – we laugh a lot!

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